KiA Newsletter: The Chics Project

Catherine Senyolo, Project Manager


“empowering households through children”

This year on 21 & 22 February and 13 & 14 March 2017, the local Chics officers received two (2) full days training on how to conduct the general household survey (GHS) or a baseline on current state of quality of life of children at home and on how to implement the Chics activities.


3 identified & licensed churches now locally own a packaged Chics Programme. The field workers are currently conducting a baseline survey. Findings will be compared to the outcomes of the Chics’ intervention after the impact survey. Now, outreach for these 3 churches is realistic and natural. A Baseline helps to put ways to improve quality of life of children in context with parents as full partners of developing solutions aimed for them.


Here, Chic Officer is conducting a GHS on her mobile phone. The respondent is a parent whose child attends weekly Chics edutainment classes. She explains about the circumstances her child is living in. Remember that the mission of Chics is to

"develop and promote ways to improve quality of life of children", it is therefore important to know how children are currently living so that we may know that Chics is indeed making a difference. "Big up" to our fieldworkers ...representing their local congregations. Chics says thank you KiA for enabling Chics to fly.. fly…fly…fly…fly…fly…fly……..











Posted on 30 April 2017



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