The biogas team expands


Nova and a team of residents of KwaZamokuhle, Mpumalanga, have developed a biogas digester that can be build and maintained with the skills, materials and funds that are available in the townships of South Africa. What remains to be done now, is to test and optimise the technical aspects of the digester (chemical processes and structure) within the context of the target market that we have in mind for this digester, and to determine the usage patterns and practices that would be associated with the use of biogas technology. This will be done by taking the digester to a viable domestic biogas practice in one community.


Biogas technology is well known, but the domestic practices in which the digester is used play a key role in contextualising the technology in the target group. The digester can only function in a domestic context if it is used within usage patterns or practices. Successful implementation depends on the practices that evolve in the different households, regarding the feedstock (e.g. connecting the toilet to the digester or not; adding feedstock on a regular basis; the way in which the gas and the fertilisers are used, etc). The task is to work with the community in finding practices that are effective, affordable, desirable and sustainable. Nova is now planning with an M student in Chemical Engineering at the University of Pretoria to evaluate the chemical processes that take place in our digester, within the context of a actual daily use in a community. Attention will be given to the feedstock that is available, the way people put the feedstock in the digester, as well as the way in which outputs (gas and fertiliser) are used. We are looking forward to this phase of the study!


Posted on 05 Aug 2013



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