PPR programme preparing for upscaling


The PPR Pogramme has made sufficient progress with its investigation of ways to reduce domestic electricity usage through behaviour change to begin preparations for upscaling. Working in diverse communities, the townships, the traditional suburbs and golf estates,

a PhD student in Pschology, Mathilda du Preez, who has worked with Nova since 2009, studied the psychological factors involved in changing to more environmentally friendly behaviour. We achieved an average of 15% saving in more than 60 households (global average for comparable approach is 18%). For each individual household, a suitable strategy has to be developed together with the residents through personalised energy audits.


Three congregations in Pretoria have started to experiment with ways to spread the results of the experiments to their members and communities. These three congregations have linked up with congregations in the Netherlands who have also started with plans to green their churches. Varying levels of success have been achieved, depending on the capacity available in each case. In 2013, Nova and Kerk in Actie of the Protestant Church in the Netherlands started discussing the possibility to upscale the project in both the Netherlands and South Africa, and to ensure that there must be sufficient capacity to do so successfully. Kerk in Actie has a highly developed tradition of fundraising from congregations and members, while churches that have worked with Nova have no such tradition or facility. Kerk in Actie has indicated that they may be interested in helping Nova and the churches to develop such a facility, starting with the PPR Project. Kerk in Actie is interested in promoting the PPR approach through congregations, but also through industries, who can help their employees and nearby communities to reduce their electricity usage. The same strategy can be followed in South Africa. A pre-pilot of reducing electricity use through behaviour change is currently done in the Theology building, University of Pretoria.


More aspects of the household, such as domestic water use and waste recycling can be introduced to the project in future.


Posted on 05 Aug 2013





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