Our Dutch guests in South Africa


A group of ten young people plus two group leaders from the Netherlands arrived in South Africa yesterday morning (Thursday 2nd of August) as the guests of Nova and SAFCEI, an environmental activist group based in Cape Town. Most of the Dutch visitors are from congregations in the PKN (Protestantse Kerk in Nederland) and their trip is a project of Togetthere (read carefully: To Get There, not Together!). Togetthere is the international youth programme of ICCO-Kerk in Actie. One of the things they do is to send young people to visit projects supported by ICCO-Kerk in Actie all over the world.


They will be in South Africa until the 16th of August and their aim is to learn about climate change, environmental projects and the complexity of South African society. The idea is that they will act as change agents when they return to their churches and spheres of influence, being able to talk about their own experiences. Two young South Africans are also accompanying them on their journey.


Yesterday and today they were hosted by Lux Mundi Dutch Reformed Church, one of the congregations that participate in Nova's PPR project. Tomorrow they will visit Mamelodi and on Sunday they will attend the church service at Pahameng URCSA. Thereafter they will stay with host families at Stellastraat Dutch Reformed Church, another "PPR" congregation. On Monday morning they will leave for a trip to our Improved Cook Stove project in Molati and a Basa Magogo project in Ermelo. JP and Hendrik will accompany them on these trips and they will spend one night in the Kruger Park.


Returning from their "overland" journey they will spend another day or two in Gauteng before heading off to Cape Town.


Last night Attie told Nova's story and we had a great discussion as an introduction to their trip. LTR: Renate (group leader), Attie, Thijs, Dirk-Jan (group leader), Assumpta.


Here is a link to their blog with their first journal entry made last night. You are welcome to comment there and follow their progress:


Visit blog!


Posted on 03 Aug 2012





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