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OBED NELOVHOLWE - Project Coordinator


In 2004 Obed joined Mayibuye Holdings (Pty) Ltd on an energy and water cleaning project. He held a position

of fieldwork manager in the roll-out Basa njengo Magogo until 2010 when he joined the Nova Institute

- again as a fieldwork manager.


For him the enlighten time was in 1989 when he was working for Stocks and Stocks Civil in the Engineering department of Quantity Surveyors and Soil Sciences. This contract was for three years. During this time he registered with the College of Finyazwanda and achieved his N4 certificate in Electrical Engineering.


In year 1993 he worked for Osmium Corporation as a Grignard's reagent chemist and production of thimerosal. This position lasted for three years where-after he joined Next Project Management owned by M.O. Albers on Precious Metals conversion to catalysts. He was promoted to a supervisory position from 1996 to 2003, but then was retrenched when Next Chimica, a subsidiary Next Management, was bought by Engelhardt.


In his spare time he runs Madzanga Resources (Pty) Ltd an organisation whose business is the extraction of essential oils from indigenous plants for use in perfumes and aromatherapy.


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