Nova to manage the Fair Climate Network Southern Africa for three years


The Fair Climate Network Southern Africa has secured a contract with ICCO Regional Office Southern Africa to establish a Carbon Team over the next three years. Nova and ICCO have come to an agreement on the way in which the Fair Climate Network Southern Africa is to be managed during this period. ICCO will fund the establishment of the Carbon Team and Nova will be accountable for the management of the process. Nova is excited to be part of this vital phase in FCNSA’s development. The FCNSA will facilitate local NGOs to tap into and benefit from the carbon market, which should open up new possibilities for developing energy efficient and renewable energy projects for the benefit of communities in our region. The Carbon Team exists to assist the NGO, that remains responsible for the necessary field activities. The local NGO is 'project owner', which means that it implements the actual project and remains owner of the carbon credits. The Carbon Team acts as 'project developer', which means that it registers the projects. The developer and the owner need to collaborate closely to be successful.


Posted on 05 Aug 2013



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