Nova stove built in the Netherlands!


Nova recently received the photos below from the congregation Sittard-Geleen in the Netherlands. This congregation has been supporting Nova for the last two years, and on 11 May 2014 Attie visited the congregation. At this occasion he discussed Nova’s work with a group of church members.


Members of the congregation observed on our web page the stove that a group of residents in Molati (Limpopo Province , South Africa) developed with Nova. They then built a similar stove, and an informal dwelling, (called “shack” in South Africa) such as those  that millions of South Africans stay in.


This made the conditions in faraway South Africa much more real for the congregation in Sittard-Geleen. It is also an indication of the level of empathy (an inner experience of our situation) that the congregation has with those who are poor and with Nova’s work, for which we are deeply thankful.


We trust that the stove in Sittard-Geleen will help to inspire the building of many stoves in Africa!


Posted on 18 Sep 2014


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