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LIZE MAARTENS - Financial Manager Assistant


In 2015 Lize Maartens started to work in her current position as Financial Manager Assistant of the Nova

Institute. Apart from the Finance department, Lize also assists with admin of Nova, reception and telephone services,

financial assistance with back-ups, archiving, filling and retrieving and assistance to Exco members with their admin.


Lize was born on 10 February 1970. She grew up in Pretoria.


If you ask her about herself, Lize will tell you: "I love GOD, I am a Christian. I am a go-getter and enjoy challenges, I don't give up easily, I am very persistent, I like to be given a chance to show case my capabilities. I like music especially gospel , I enjoy dinning out and travelling the world. THAT IS ME!!!"


Nova offers a range of services to corporate entities, governmental organisations and NGOs including Community Surveys, Consultancy and Corporate Social Responsibility Project Research and Development.




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