Standardised combustion chamber for the Improved Cooking Stove


The ICS project team have over the past three months concentrated on the design and development of a standardised combustion chamber for the Improved Cooking Stove. The decision was made to head up the development of this addition to the stove, after realising that certain characteristics, seminal to the stoves functioning, tends to mutate after being in use over an extended period. We approached specialists in the refractory cement industry to assist in the development of this combustion chamber to insure its durability, insulation and cost-effectiveness. These three characteristics are of vital concern for the success of the project, as Nova aims at transforming two significant aspects of the current cooking practice of rural households. These two aspects are an unsustainable use of firewood and a smoke-filled cooking environment. The effective gasification of firewood through the use of the rocket-stove concept addresses both these problems simultaneously.


Standardising the combustion chamber means that the measurements of the inlet and outlet are fixed, which guarantees the stove’s optimal performance over a long period of time. The development process has advanced to such an extent that the design has been finalised, and the last step is to find the ideal mixture of refractory materials that is both economical and robust.












The project was fortunate enough to receive a visit from a cooking stove authority, Geoffrey Kiringa, stationed in Kenya. Geoffrey manages a cooking stove project in proximity of the city of Nairobi, and at present he has already implemented 11 000 units. On a visit to Nova, Geoffrey paid a visit to our stove project in the village Molati, situated in Limpopo province. He shared his experience with cooking stoves with during the trip and afterwards wrote a report on the ICS project, evaluating its potential to become a carbon credit generating project. These insights have been invaluable regarding prospects of taking the project to a much larger scale.


Posted on 04 Dec 2013




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