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DR MONTAGU MURRAY - Chief Executive Officer (CEO)


Dr H M Murray holds the following five degrees from the University of Pretoria, all with distinction:

BA, BA Honours, BD, MDiv and DD. His academic studies included pre-graduate studies in Wabasha,

Minnesota in the USA and post graduate research at the Universities of Utrecht and Leiden in the Netherlands.

Since 1999 he has been involved in research projects for the Centre for the Study for AIDS, ISWEN at the

University of Pretoria, the Nova Institute, the Dutch Reformed Church and the Witness Forum of Mamelodi / Lusaka.


Dr Murray has distinguished himself as researcher. He has published several articles in peer reviewed journals, lectured at the University of Pretoria and he has presented his research on various occasions on a national and international level. He is a core member of the Functional Household Programme Team who won the THRIP EXCELLENCE AWARD from the South African minister of Trade and Industry in 2005 in the category Social Development.


Dr Murray's has 15 years experience in developing quality of life solutions for low-income households in the Southern African contexts. He is currently programme manager of the Nova Institute.


Dr Murray is a Director of the Nova Institute. He is married to Dr Carien Murray, a medical doctor. They have two daughters, Renée and Marita.


Nova offers a range of services to corporate entities, governmental organisations and NGOs including Community Surveys, Consultancy and Corporate Social Responsibility Project Research and Development.




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