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DR ATTIE VAN NIEKERK - Chief Experience Officer (CXO)


Attie studied theology at the University of Pretoria. He was a minister of the (black) Dutch Reformed

Church in Africa in Venda from 1978-1984, and professor of the church's theological training at the University

of the North from 1984-1993. His book on four poets from Soweto and Alexandra in the seventies, Dominee,

are you listening to the drums? was co-winner of the Sunday Times Literary Award for Political Writing in 1984.

Other publications are Sáám in Afrika, 1992 (English translation: One Destiny. Our common future in Africa), and Anderkant

die reënboog, 1996, all published by Tafelberg Publishers, Cape Town. All of these publications deal with the interfaces between

different cultures.


In 1994, when the theological training at the University of the North closed down, dr van Niekerk became a founding member, the only employee and the managing director (until 2014) of Nova. In 1997 he became part-time lecturer (30% of his time) and in 2004 director of the Institute for Missiological and Ecumenical Research at the Faculty of Theology, University of Pretoria, until het retired in this post in 2016.


Because of his many years of experience in Nova he was made the Chief Experience Officer (CXO) and the manager of the Business Unit Incubation of Nova in 2016. It is a role that he enjoys very much. The CXO is responsible for the strategy behind and user interface design of the organization's products and services particularly in the early phases of solution development. He must attend to the user experience of and impacts and effects on low-income households of Nova projects.


Nova offers a range of services to corporate entities, governmental organisations and NGOs including Community Surveys, Consultancy and Corporate Social Responsibility Project Research and Development.




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