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                    Estimate flight distance from JNB
(use this tool only if you are not sure of the distances trvelled by air in the transport section)
    Distance travelled by bus per pkm           Distance to various locations from JNB One way/ Return flight Distance (km) Number of flights  
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    Distance travelled by train per pkm          
          tonnes CO2 emitted transport             Total km of flights  
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  How much Municipal waste do you generate per week?  
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  Liters of fuel used for boating, quid bikes other hobbies per year   liters  
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    Section tonnes CO2e emitted per household tonnes CO2e emitted per individual    
  Total tonnes CO2e *These estimates might differ from other calculators due to the assumptions used
  To offset your footprint at R150/ tonne CO2e it would cost:  
    Offset family     Offset individual  
    Tonnes CO2e Tonnes CO2e  
    Price Price  
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