200 000 mark reached!


Nova has since 2009 captured more than 200 000 interviews with household representatives mainly in low-income contexts. Many of these interviews include questions on energy usage patterns of households and a substantial number of complex household interviews were conducted that also assess the health status of communities.


Nova employs state-of-the-art technology that allows for pre-programmed skip patterns so that respondents are not asked questions that are not relevant to them (e.g. about child care for people who do not have children). Surveys are one of the services Nova renders particularly to businesses who measure the impact of their CSR programmes as well as to industries who are concerned about the impact of their activities on community stakeholders.


Posted on 22 Aug 2011



Nova offers a range of services to corporate entities, governmental organisations and NGOs including Community Surveys, Consultancy and Corporate Social Responsibility Project Research and Development.




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